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About Buying the Book

Clicking on “Buy The Book” will take you to the Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website where you can purchase the book. 


  1. Blue Oasis No More is available as a paperback, hard cover or as an e-book.   However, **Attention E-Book Readers **  The text boxes and some other formatting used in the paper books DOES NOT display well on narrow profile readers (like phones).  It will display appropriately on computer screens (using the free Kindle Reader App) and on Kindle devices.   

  2. The retail price of the paperback is $9.95.    The production cost  (printing, packaging, shipping and KDP's profit) is $9.17.  The difference, a whopping $0.78/paperback, is my royalty.  (It's less than half that for the hard cover and e-book versions).  In other words, I didn't write this book to hopes of getting rich.  All royalties plus a matching amount will be donated to environmental and humanitarian causes.   

Paper copies are individually printed for the buyer and should show up in your mailbox about a week after you place your order. 


There’s no time like the present.  Give it a read and you decide:


Will we or won’t we “beat” global warming?

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