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Thank you for your interest in what I've written. 


This is a book I wish I wouldn't have had to write and one

that you wish you didn't have to read, but know you should.


I have four modest requests: 

            1) Buy my book,

           2) Read my book,

           3) Tell everyone you know about

                my book,

           4) Please don't shoot the


The subtitle describes the book in a
straight-forward manner:

Why We’re Not Going To “Beat” Global Warming
What We Need To Do About It

(Both parts are equally important.)


This is not a "doomsday" book, but it lays out the issues, the obstacles, the opportunities and conclusions in a way no other book on global warming has. 


Clicking on the links, will take you to a description of the book, a brief profile of the author, information about buying the book, a link to "Join the Conversation" where you can make general comments about the book (pro AND con) and submit substantive material for the 2nd edition.  


There's also a link to a page describing a "sister" website where artists can submit images of original art (sketches, cartoons, drawings, canvasses, photographs, etc.) relating to global warming.  As explained on the website, I am hoping that the submissions will ultimately form the core pieces of a traveling museum exhibition and/or a book featuring the artists, their art and the motivation for their pieces.


Welcome aboard and again, thank you for your interest.

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