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Global Warming ART

Global Warming is just one of a number of painful issues  -- terrorism, racism, corporate malfeasance, cancer, addiction, wealth inequities, clueless bosses, gun violence, governmental incompetence, famine, . . . and too many others.  If you think deeply about some of these issues you have to either laugh or cry.    


A skilled artist can force us to confront the underlying pain of even the most "untouchable" subjects.  Think about the emotional impact of Picasso's "Guernica" or Munch's "Scream." 


This website introduces you to my book about global warming, Blue Oasis No More, but you've clicked on this link because you're an artist (or maybe you know an artist). 


My "companion-website,", invites artists aged 5 to 105 to submit images of original art (cartoons, drawings, canvasses, sketches, photographs, collages, sculpture, clothing, etc.) related to global warming. Artists can have their art displayed in the online gallery at, have a chance to be published and/or participate in a museum exhibition, and maybe earn some cash (no promises).

Here are the details:


  1. First, buy and read the book, Blue Oasis No More.  It may give you ideas to get your artistic juices flowing.  (Actually, you don't have to buy the book.  If you've been paying attention, you probably have your own ideas about what people need to "hear" (through your art) about global warming.   If you don't buy the book, but want some inspirational artistic suggestions contact me:   (I have ideas, but no artistic talent).

  2. Second, go to the website.  It provides details about submitting images of your original art related to global-warming.  Before you do, check out the rest of this site and maybe buy my book . . . but if you really want to go directly to the art website, click on the link below:   


  3. Third, read the book, Blue Oasis No More.  (My publisher forced me to put this in).   

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