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Listen to an Interview

Spoiler Alert:  There are no radio interviews  . . . YET. 


Now that the book is finally published, I’ll be anxious to share my conclusions with all willing listeners and readers.     


I’ve listened to a number of NPR interviews on the subject of global warming (what I call CGI, Catastrophic Global Imbalance).  Many of the technological solutions the interviewees were touting struck me as overly optimistic.  Frankly I was just getting tired of advocates glossing over the real-world complexities and cost of transforming the entire world’s energy economy to carbon-free resources, in a matter of decades!!  My book is, in part, a response to what I consider to be those unwarranted and unsupportable upbeat assessments. 


I look forward to sharing that perspective in interviews, but for now, if you click on “Listen to an Interview,” you’ll be taken back to the BONM Home Page.  Stay tuned . . .

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