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View to the TED Talk

Spoiler Alert:  There is no TED Talk . . . YET. 


Once the book is finally published, I’ll be anxious to share my conclusions with all willing listeners.  I  would especially enjoy engaging an audience at a TED forum.     


I’ve listened to a number of TED Talks on the subject of global warming (what I call CGI, Catastrophic Global Imbalance).  I believe that many of the presenters were overly optimistic about the prospects for their solution.  It was often frustrating to hear advocates glossing over the real-world complexities and cost of transitioning the entire world’s energy economy from fossil fuels to carbon-free technologies, in a matter of decades!  My book is, in part, a response to some of those unwarranted upbeat assessments. 


In time, I hope to demonstrate to TED organizers that my perspective is worthy of their stage.  Until then, if you click on “View the TED Talk,” you’ll be taken back to the BONM Home Page.  Stay tuned . . .


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