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"Quotable Quotes"

“Global warming is the ultimate form of globalization.”


“Nature is the perfect 'integrator;' it takes all of its inputs, big and small, combines them and churns out a response.  That outcome is sometimes to our liking, sometimes not, but nature (the physical world) doesn’t care how we feel.” 


“Forget about asteroids crashing into the earth; we’re on a collision course with ourselves and we are not making the necessary mid-course corrections to avert a disaster.” 


“People don’t like to change and they especially don’t like being forced to change.”


“Too many people who truly care about global warming seem to think that all we have to do is to put solar panels on every rooftop and an EV in every garage.  They’re wrong.”


"Wind turbines and solar panels are carbon-free, proven, inexhaustible and (sort of) cost competitive.   Unfortunately, the 'Achilles heel' of both technologies is that they’re intermittent resources.” 


“Doing what we will need to do to combat climate change will be like having a root canal that lasts for decades so that our grandchildren can be in less pain.”


“New technologies are seldom quite as cheap, reliable and effective as they appear in the laboratory.  The real world has a way of taking the luster off most bright, shiny objects.”


“Until we accept that we’re not going to escape the ravages of climate change, we’re likely to waste (more) time and (more) resources on ineffective countermeasures and reject solutions that could truly help mitigate the problem.”


“Somehow, contemplating a future that embraces nuclear power is more scary to a broad segment of the population than the earth turning on its axis, being slow roasted like a rotisserie chicken.”

“The two essential actions to ‘beat’ global warming are the implementation and enforcement of a meaningful, worldwide, carbon tax and the deployment of hundreds of nuclear power plants.  Neither is going to happen.”

“The world we leave our grandchildren will be immeasurably less inviting than the one we inherited.”

“The world we're leaving our grandchildren will be vastly less inviting than the one we were born into.”

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